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Summer Wardrobe Essentials

Summer Wardrobe Essentials


It's the summertime!!! Tempted by the hottest new summer fashion trends, you can't help but set out on an adventure to find the next poppin' addition to your wardrobe. Unconfined by thick coats or long sleeves, warm weather permits you to wear almost anything. Fashion outlets and department store shelves are stocked! Bright, freeing or form-fitting, clothes made with the lightest of fabrics are at your fingertips. 

During the summer season, you can be as stylish or as casual as you want. So what are your staple summer wardrobe pieces?

Define your style by picking a few pieces that truly depict who you are and how you want to show up this year! Of course, if you need help Cru Love will always have you covered.

Here's a list of essential summer items that you should have in your wardrobe.

Matching Sets:

Matching sets are all the craze these days. No more wasting time and energy searching for a top or bottom to make your ensemble complete. Rompers, tank-shorts sets, tank-pants sets, tank-skirt sets are all available to fit the convenience, style and body type of the fashionista. Stay cool in tank tops that fit perfectly and comfortable in breathable material, all while showing off your beautiful summer glow. Cru's favorite set this summer is the Albuquerque Nights Shorts and the Albuquerque Nights Tank.

Summer Accessories:

To make your stylish summer outfits pop, you need accessories! Sunglasses, hats, bracelets, necklaces, earrings, and bags. In the summer we really get to play around with colors and shapes when it comes to accessories, so go all out. Big hats, like the Flamingo Love Floppy Straw Hat, pair well with dresses, swimsuits and tank tops. When it comes to bags, the bigger the bag the better it is for the summer. Wool bags such as the Drawstring Woven Bag are great accessories. 


A lot of summer events revolve around beaches and pools so your summer wardrobe must include at least three or more swimsuits. When buying your next swimsuit, go for a bold style, pattern or color, like the Thick Strap Mixed Striped Swimsuit. For an edgier look, the Open Back Drawstring Swimsuit will work perfectly.

Maxi Dresses:

Maxi dresses can be worn at almost any summer event. They are light and stylish, free and flowing. For a more conservative function, the Angelwing Maxi is the best fit. For a beach outing or a late night poolside dinner, the Bon Voyage is a great choice. 

Wedges and Sandals:

Wear sandals and wedges for optimum comfort without compromising on style. For a casual stroll, the Canvas Striped Peep Toe Slingback Wedge provides support and major style. Going on a fancy date? The Suede Open Strappy Toes Lace Up Chunky Heel is just right. The Qupid Suede Tiered Ruffle Lace-Up Flat Sandal is both chic and comfortable for any daytime event.

Look as chic and stylish as possible when you step out with the Cru this summer. 

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